Gas Repair And Installation

Here at Bob Jay’s we have well trained and qualified technicians to work on gas. Any gas leak can be dangerous and will need to be inspected by a qualified Professional Plumber.

If you do smell a heavy presence of gas, immediately open windows and doors to air out your home and turn off the gas. Call Bob Jay’s for an emergency at (806) 373-2221.

Sometimes you might think that a gas leak in your home may be easy to fix but without the proper equipment and the knowledge you could end up causing more damage to something that may have been a simple fix. Gas leaks are not always in your house. Sometimes the leak can be outside underneath your yard. We specialize in gas yard line replacements as well. Don’t trust your valuable Amarillo property to just anyone.

What should you expect when Bob Jay’s does a gas yard line replacement?

  • Precise digging to avoid other lines in yard
  • Consideration for the amount of damage to yard
  • Install new gas yard line
  • Pressuring up of gas lines to make sure no leaks are present
  • Thorough clean up after

Schedule below for any gas related issues

For an Emergency call 806-373-2221