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Common drain line problems our inspections find include:

  • Tree roots – Tree roots can creep into your sewer and drain lines. If left alone, the problem gets worse, leading to costly repairs later. A video inspection helps us see this problem and how extensive it is. Then we can give you options for how we can fix it.
  • Grease buildup – Grease and fat cling to your drain line’s sides, causing your drain to slow or clog completely. If we find a lot of grease buildup, we’ll likely recommend a high-pressure jetting to flush the gunk to your sewer line.
  • Line collapses or “bellies” – Sometimes a line collapse causes a clogged drain. Other times, the cause is a “belly” (a dip in the line that causes water and other junk to collect in the low area).

If not dealt with, these problems will result in frequent clogs and other drain problems, costing you more money in the long run.

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